Jada Nichols


Jada Nichols is a women’s wellness consultant, perinatal health educator, and health equity strategist, in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to being an occupational therapist, she is a massage therapist, lymphedema therapist, doula, holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). Jada  has worked and taught in a wide variety of settings, across the life span. She is a fierce advocate of healthcare access for marginalized and underserved members of the community.


Jada is also a strong proponent of applying an OT lens to many innovative and emerging areas of practice. Along with providing lactation support for infants and mothers who require special care, Jada also provides early intervention OT services to infants and toddlers,  as well as postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation for new and expectant mothers, as the owner of Jada is the owner of Blossom Health and Maternal Wellness.

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Prevention, Health, and Disability