Ron William Scott

PT, EdD, JD, LLM, MA (Spanish), MSBA, MSPT

Ron Scott is a Texas-licensed attorney-counsel to PTs and health and business professionals, and an attorney-mediator, based in San Antonio, Texas. He has authored 14 texts and 152 articles, most recently A Comprehensive Guide to Geriatric Rehabilitation, 3rd ed. (with Kauffman T, Barr J and Moran M)(2015) and Legal, Ethical and Practical Aspects of Patient Care Documentation, 4th ed. (2013).  Ron is a retired Army Major, having served in the AMSC and JAGC, and as an enlisted hospital corpsman during the Vietnam War. His passions for teaching and learning focus on facilitating doctoral students’ development of higher-order critical analytical legal and ethicolegal skill sets, requisite for successful clinical practice, patient outcomes, liability risk management,  and the advancement of healthcare professions, professionals and patients.

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Legal and Ethical Issues for PT's: Considerations in Risk Management