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Pharmacology in Rehabilitation: Musculoskeletal Medications


Charles Ciccone

Wrote the book entitled: Pharmacology in Rehabilitation

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Course Description

This content area addresses drugs that affect specific neuromuscular disorders. Drugs used to control seizures will be addressed, followed by a discussion of medications that can improve motor function in patients with Parkinson disease. This content area concludes with psychotropic medications used to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, and dementia.


Upon successful completion of this content area, the therapist will:

  • Explain the physiological actions of anti-seizure drugs, and recognize how specific medications can selectively affect hyperexcitable neurons.
  • Differentiate between relatively minor side effects of anti-seizure medications and potentially life-threatening adverse reactions to these drugs.
  • Identify the primary anti-parkinson drug strategies, and explain how each type of medication can resolve specific neurochemical abnormalities related to Parkinson disease.
  • Describe how pharmacologic management acts synergistically with rehabilitation interventions in improving function and reducing disability in patients with Parkinson disease.
  • List the side effects of anti-parkinson medications, and appreciate why these drugs often have limited efficacy in the long-term treatment of patients with Parkinson disease.
  • Explain the neurochemical basis of various types of psychotropic medications, and appreciate how these medications can resolve specific types of mental illness.
  • Appreciate the complexity in drug management of disorders such as depression, psychosis, and dementia, and recognize problems that can arise during the drug treatment of these disorders.
  • Describe how drug therapy can be combined with nonpharmacologic interventions in providing optimal outcomes in patients with psychotropic disorders.
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