Tuition and Fees - tDPT (+RAC)


The tuition for this 30-credit tDPT program, is $12,750, or $425 per credit.

SemesterCredit hours$425/per credit
Semester 13$1,275
Semester 23$1,275
Semester 35$2,125
Semester 45$2,125
Semester 54$1,700
Semester 66$2,550
Semester 74$1,700


The following one-time fees also apply (non-refundable):

Application Fee$80
Graduation Fee$40
Proctoring Fee$125
Total Fees$245

Massachusetts does not allow online education from other states without approval. Should you wish to join the program, you will need to contact your Higher Education Commission in charge of granting online education from the University of Montana and petition them to allow the University of Montana to confer degrees within your state.

If taking the combined tDPT and Rehabilitation Administration Certificate, an additional three credit hours (or $1,275) will be added to the curriculum.

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