Adrienne Lauer


Dr. Lauer is the  ppOTD Program Director at Rehab Essentials.  She has had the pleasure of being an occupational therapist for over 30 years. In addition to a BS in occupational therapy, Dr, Lauer has a MS in Healthcare Administration, and an EdD in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. She continues to enjoy clinical, teaching and managerial roles.  Dr. Lauer has worked in nearly every aspect that occupational therapy lends itself to including (but not limited to) acute and sub-acute rehabilitation, pediatrics, early intervention, assistive technology assessment and prescription, seating and positioning and wheelchair assessment and prescription, UE amputee assessment and prosthetic training, and low vision and blind rehabilitation.  She is continually intrigued by technology that allows for people facing significant challenges to live more independently.  

Available Courses tDPT-BS tDPT-MS tOTD-BS tOTD-MS
Technology and OT: Principles and Practice