Reina M. Olivera


Dr. Reina Olivera obtained her Masters of Occupational Therapy in 2013 and her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy in 2017, both from Nova Southeastern University. She completed her capstone on “Telehealth As a Service Delivery Method for Providing Occupational Therapy to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Their Home Environment.” Soon after completing her doctoral studies, Dr. Olivera started a small telehealth private practice and began educating other practitioners on the use of telehealth to provide occupational therapy interventions. She is the author of Telehealth OT: A guide to teach occupational therapists about telehealth. Dr. Olivera has also created numerous online courses and programs about telehealth, including interventions, starting a private practice, laws and regulations, and the use of technology in telehealth.


Dr. Olivera’s primary focus now is educating occupational therapy practitioners on how to create their own online courses, programs, and memberships without worrying about technology or time. She is the founder of the Business to Boss program and has guided practitioners in creating many courses including: Out of the Box Pediatric Interventions, Executive Functioning in Transition Age Students, Occupational Therapists of Color Entrepreneurs Conference, and many more. Dr. Olivera is also the creator of the Online OT Side Hustle and Beyond Virtual Conference where she highlights over 60 occupational therapy providers who offer online products and services as a part time or full time revenue source. She is very passionate about empowering and collaborating with colleagues across the globe.

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