Tuition, Fees, & Course Sequence

Tuition & Course Sequence

The adjusted tuition for this 30-credit tDPT program is $7,500 or $250 per credit.

Semester Semester Dates Credit hours Tuition Courses
Semester 1 Aug - Dec 3 $750 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation
Clinical Decision Making: Guide To Physical Therapist Practice
Semester 2 Jan - Apr 3 $750 Legal and Ethical Issues for PT’s: Considerations in Risk Management
Business and Marketing
Semester 3 May - Aug 5 $1,250 Medical Imaging in Rehabilitation
Documentation, Coding, Payment, and Compliance
Professionalism: The Doctoring Profession
Semester 4 Aug - Dec 5 $1,250 Critical Assessment and Application of Best Evidence
Screening Medical Disorders
Semester 5 Jan - Apr 4 $1,000 Management of Patients with Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders
Management of Patients with Musculoskeletal Disorders
Semester 6 May - Aug 6 $1,500 Management of Patients with Integumentary Disorders
Management of Patients with Neurological Disorders
Wellness and Health Promotion: Foundations in Population Health
Semester 7 Aug - Dec 4 $1,000 Capstone Project for tDPT


The following one-time fees also apply (non-refundable):

Application Fee $85 (one-time fee)
Graduation Fee $45 (one-time fee)
Proctoring Fee $245 ($35 per semester)
Total Fees $375