Your Guide to the FEU-NRMF, GES, IPTA, & Syllabi Consultancy Affiliate tDPT Referral Rewards

At Rehab Essentials, our mission is to lead, leverage, and connect.  We are genuinely happiest when we help drive the success of others in the rehabilitation profession through our time, motivation, and giving.  We believe in you and your contributions as leaders in the Physical Therapy community.  You have been an integral part of our online community and have told the world about your positive experiences.  Now, we want to give back to you.

It’s Simple & Easy.Refer a PT Friend

Whenever you make a qualified referral into our adjusted tuition tDPT degree programs, you can give a little and get a little.  For each person you refer (we like to call them PT Friends) that enter our  tDPT degree program via the FEU-NRMF, GES, IPTA, or Syllabi Consultancy affiliate programs you will get $200.  Plus, your friend will get a $50 following their first semester.  It’s a winning proposition all around. Keep in mind, if you have PT & OT friends, who do not qualify for the FEU-NRMF, GES, IPTA, or Syllabi Consultancy adjusted tuition affiliate programs, you can get even more rewards.  Visit our standard tDPT or ppOTD tuition rewards information here.   Here are the key things you need to know about the tDPT adjusted Referral Rewards from Rehab Essentials:
  • You are a current student or Alumni of the tDPT program
  • Your PT Friend needs to list your name on their application in the “Referred By:” box.  (Please note: your name must be included on your PT friend's application in order to participate in the referral program.  Referrals after application will not be accepted.)
  • Once they have been accepted to the degree program and the registration/ tuition payment date for their first semester closes, you will receive your reward of $200 per PT friend
  • PT Friends must attend the tDPT degree program powered by Rehab Essentials at the University of Montana to qualify
  • For each PT Friend you refer, they will receive $50 following their first semester

Start Referring Today!

As soon as you have participated in your first semester of the tDPT degree program, you can start referring your PT & OT Friends.  After all, we want you to give your PT & OT Friends a well-rounded view.  It will make the referral that much easier.


This program is administered by Rehab Essentials, if you or the person you referred has any issues, contact our Member support team at info@rehabessentials.com.  Do NOT reach out to the team at the University of Montana as they will not be able to assist you.   The program started March 25, 2020 and is not retroactive.  The program is subject to change or stop without notice.  A referrer and their PT & OT Friend cannot refer each other. Referral program does not include Non-Degree Seeking students. Rehab Essentials will only pay a reward for one referrer per new student.  Referral program participants must submit requested information within two semesters to qualify. Program participants are responsible for all associated taxes.